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What to Look For When Choosing A Louisiana Title Company

Choosing a Louisiana title company to handle your closing is just as important as finding a trustworthy lender and real estate agent. Your real estate agent will likely have recommendations of title companies they have done business with, but it’s important to do your own research as well. Just like choosing title insurance, buyers have a say in who provides closing services. If you are choosing a Louisiana title company for an upcoming real estate closing, there are several factors you should consider.

The Company’s Knowledge and Expertise

Having a strong foundation in the real estate industry is important to look for when choosing a title company. At Best Title & Co., our CEO Stephanie Best is a licensed real estate agent with an extensive background in real estate sales spanning over ten years. Our team is positioned to understand the intricacies of the entire real estate process. This in-depth knowledge and expertise benefit our partners every step of the way, and ensure smooth and successful transactions.

louisiana title company

Convenience and Efficiency

Most of the time you will need to be physically present to sign documents as part of the closing process. This can be very inconvenient if the office of the title company you are working with is not nearby. Looking for a company nearby is one way around this, but of course that can limit the number of options available to you. Looking for a title company that offers remote real estate closings is an even better way to ensure your closing will be convenient.

Another question to ask when it comes to convenience is how efficient the title company’s processes are. Many title companies still operate in an old-fashioned manner, requiring clients to sign every document and complete every payment in person. Best Title & Co. prioritizes efficiency and convenience, offering a streamlined title process that allows online payments and signings. We also facilitate remote closings, ensuring flexibility and ease for our valued clients. We go the extra mile, literally, as we often conduct closings at the client's preferred location.

Is the Company Local?

Choosing a title company that’s local will pay off. Title laws change depending upon region, and a local company will have a comprehensive understanding of what’s required in the area you are in. Plus, a company that’s involved in the community is more likely to have your best interest at heart.

louisiana title company

The Cost

Closing costs can add up so the first thing you should do is get quotes from several title companies. Look for companies who are transparent with pricing, have pricing structures that are easy to understand, and who can guarantee the quote they are providing. This isn’t to say that choosing the lowest cost Louisiana title company is the right choice, but cost will certainly be one factor among many.

Consider Others Opinions

Although you shouldn’t rely solely on your realtor or lender when choosing a title company, they likely are familiar with the title company landscape in the community and can take some of the pressure off of choosing the right one. Ask your realtor or lender for several recommendations to start, then do your own research on the companies they provide. It’s also a good idea to check online reviews of title companies, and ask friends and family who they have worked with successfully when purchasing a home.

Buying a home or property will likely be one of the largest purchases you make in your life which is why it’s so important to make well-informed choices in every aspect of the process including choosing a title company.

As the region's only black woman-owned title company, Best Title & Co. brings a unique perspective and dedication to inclusivity in our services. With a passionate team of professionals and a strong foundation in the real estate industry, Best Title Company is your trusted partner for seamless and secure title services in South Louisiana. From New Orleans to Slidell to Baton Rouge, we proudly provide title insurance and closing services to realtors, real estate developers, lenders, home sellers, and buyers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence extends to St. Tammany Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, and beyond.

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